Thursday, October 05, 2006

"electric blue"

how does the saying go, "like father, like son". if you know my husband you know that his hair could change on a moments notice. when i first met dave his hair was silver, since then i have seen it become each of the primary colors plus a few others. over the last few years he has become a little less adventurous in his coloring and has maintained that "bleached" look and in turn has had fun playing with our boys hair.

today is wacky hair day at school for the boys and they are so excited for their new looks. last year, dave shaved calebs hair into a mohawk for wacky hair day and the look has stuck - so, since a mohawk is a regular thing for him he had to do something else - coloring it was the only option in dave's book. last night around 10pm caleb walked into my studio (where i was still working) and said, "look - electric blue". i sat there stunned with a smile and said, "yes, yes, it is". lukie came down a few minutes later with his electric blue hair too.

the funniest part about their hair is that it is permanent - it won't wash out. so, our christmas pictures this year should be fun! shoot - i should of suggest red and green instead of blue - LOL!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

bye bye booth

i finally feel like i can take a breath. my dad and i have been working for weeks putting our newest booth together for Memory Trends in Las Vegas,NV. all the hours and hard work are sitting on a pallet in my garage waiting for the trucking company to pick it up. phew!

don't you hate it when you feel like you are forgeting something. that's how i feel right now - i hate that. i guess it's a good thing i'm not leaving until saturday - so if something has been forgotten i can bring it with me.

i am super excited for MT this year. we will be running two make and take tables - teaching lots of techniques. the amazing lisa whitten and tiffani smith will be the gals showing off their mad skills at the tables. we are also introducing four amazing mobile kits - using trace chippers. they are super fun and easy. if you will be heading to sin city for the show stop by and see us at booth #725.