Tuesday, November 27, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

thanksgiving was at our house this year. it was so much fun setting the table and preparing the meal. i loved how the table turned out - i had to take a picture!

here's the gang. most years we have too many people to seat everyone at the same table. but due to circumstances (we missed you andrea, jesse & rita) the number at dinner was lower, which allowed us all to sit around one big table. it was great!

what am i thankful for..... my family! i love you all so much!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

a self portrait

caleb is the oldest of our three kids. he is 7 years old and in mrs. fritz 2nd grade class. as a class project each student drew a self portrait of themselves for their class t-shirt. this past week the t-shirts arrived! when i saw the picture my son drew of himself i had to laugh out loud. i know he is creative. i know he is fun loving and free spirited. however, when i saw his self portrait i realized he sees himself in that same light. i love that he is free to be himself and is ok with being different. i look at his self portrait and am reminded of how creative our God is and how we, as his creation, were designed in his "creative" image.

yes, he is wearing sunglasses, listening to an ipod (note: earphones & music notes), his hair is in a mohawk and i am fairly positive he is sporting a gotee. side note: caleb can't wait to have body hair - he thinks it is super cool. i have found him, several times, staring at his legs or staring at his reflection in the mirror looking for a "dark" hair.

caleb wearing his class t-shirt

Thursday, November 01, 2007

birthday and halloween

lilly, jj, caleb, ally, logan, lukie and ben

halloween is a big deal in our house because it is also lukes birthday (oct. 30th). we had a lot of friends over for dinner and trick or treating.

caleb and j.j. striking their ninja-football player pose!

lilly was a barbie cheerleader!

luke was a ninja for halloween - i'm not sure if he had more fun opening presents or going trick or treating :)