Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nyc birthday

for my birthday dave, dave nagel, and i went to the BIG APPLE. we seriously were there for 24 hours and had a blast. enjoy the slide show for a few quick highlights of our trip. which were....

- times square
- st. pats parade
- lunch in soho
- david letterman show (kinda lame)
- hanging out with rupert from hello deli (note pic of me and rupert!)
- dinner & drinks at native with our friends jose, mayra and javier
- walking everywhere and taking the subway
- enjoying jamba juice (we miss it in muskegon)

probably the best part about the trip was that we did it. it was a bit random and unexpected and we all had a blast! thanks for all the birthday wishes - 32 is looking like a great year :)

robin = spring

since we moved to michigan (three years ago) one of the traditions i have fallen in love with is "finding the first robin". on march 16th the above robin was spotted in our front yard. it brings me such delight to see signs that spring is around the corner :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

it's official....

... luke can tie his own shoes. this is a HUGE milestone in our lives not just for luke but for dave and i (or anyone else who has ever needed to put shoes on lukie). God bless my middle child however, i have to tell you there have been many days when i thought i was going to "lose it" over his needy whine when it came to tying his shoes and even worse his whine about how he didn't want to learn. i am so proud of our luke and was thrilled to see the excitement he had on his face when he realized he had "got it"! WAY TO GO LUKE!!!!