Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nyc birthday

for my birthday dave, dave nagel, and i went to the BIG APPLE. we seriously were there for 24 hours and had a blast. enjoy the slide show for a few quick highlights of our trip. which were....

- times square
- st. pats parade
- lunch in soho
- david letterman show (kinda lame)
- hanging out with rupert from hello deli (note pic of me and rupert!)
- dinner & drinks at native with our friends jose, mayra and javier
- walking everywhere and taking the subway
- enjoying jamba juice (we miss it in muskegon)

probably the best part about the trip was that we did it. it was a bit random and unexpected and we all had a blast! thanks for all the birthday wishes - 32 is looking like a great year :)


Sarah said...

misty - happy birthday!!! what a fun impromptu trip. we're thinking of nyc for my b-day this month also (if my mom agrees to babysit). i love the pic with you and the hello deli guy! see you next month :)

mike | rachel | sophia said...

happy birthday misty...looks like you guys had a great time!

miss you!

and by the way, you have some amazingly cute kiddos!


alicia said...

Hey! It looks like you had a great time for your Birthday! I'm heading to NYC in a couple weeks to have a girls weekend with my mom so your post made it SO excited to go!! Hope you're well. Love ya!

Jose said...

good times, um except when I fell off that chair at Native LOL.

Hope you guys are well.