Thursday, December 21, 2006

especially for grommie....

or anyone else who wants a peek :) mom, i thought you might enjoy seeing a few more pics from the last couple of months. we love you and miss you!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Welcome to the family! On December 13, 2006 little baby Dylan was born. He was 8 lbs. 6 oz. at birth and as cute as can be. Holding my sweet nephew was such an awesome blessing and privledge.

Annie said labor and delivery was a breeze. One contraction and one push - who is that lucky!! Ally and Logan were loving having a baby to hold. They were both adorable to watch as they interacted with their new baby brother.

The day after we got home from our Cruise we found ourselves in a good old Michigan snow storm. School was cancelled and we all had a blast playing in the snow. I must admit it was a little wierd thinking about how we were all playing outside a couple of days earlier in our bathing suits and today we are in snow suits :)

40 Years Together!

My inlaws celebrated forty years together this year and took the whole family on a Disney Cruise. We left the day after Thanksgiving and had a BLAST! There are so many pictures from the trip - so, sit back and enjoy watching a quick slide show of a few of my favs!
Words and pictures don't due any justice to how beautiful the Bahamas are. It was by far the most relaxing and luxurious vacation I have ever been on. Aside from a few bouts of motion sickness it was perfect. Our family pic is in front of the ocean in Nassau. We spent the day at Atlantis - WOW!

Thank you Bob and Shar for all you do for our family. We love you both so much!!!