Sunday, July 08, 2012

random :: leap of faith

When was the last time you actually took a leap of faith? Not just thought about it or romanced the idea of it - but actually stepped off the ledge and lept. Even in asking the question I am reminded of an image I saw this weekend. My sweet nephew jumping off the ledge of the pool. The most impactful part of this image was watching him fall with no hesitation and then sink. Of course one of his parents was near by to pull him up above the waters, but there was always that moment with every step from the edge when he just sank. What I found to be so remarkable was that when he came out of the water he wasn't frightened or scared - he was laughing. He didn't know to be afraid of drowning. He stepped off the edge knowing his parents were within arms reach, although not necessarily open to catch him and he enjoyed the ride. For whatever reason I haven't been able to get that imagery out of my mind. Yes, it was adorably cute and who doesn't love to see a baby belly laugh! However, the imagery stirred something deeper within me. I tell myself I am available and willing to leap believing my creator will catch me or pull me from the waters, but I'm afraid of drowning. I find myself afraid to take the journey. I find myself debating within myself if I am being called to jump from the ledge at all or if I am making the entire story up in my mind to begin with. Why do we play these mind tricks with ourselves - why can't we believe what we say we believe in. Why can't I trust like my nephew.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

day 109 - finish your dinner

i can honestly say my kids are amazing eaters. i have had several friends throughout the years who have struggled through meal time with their kids and have picky eaters.
tonight we experienced a first at our dinner table. lilly refused to finish her dinner. she ended up sitting at the table for almost an hour refusing to eat the last of her meal.  i couldn't help but laugh (fortunately not in front of her) as she sat there pouting, crying and then finally trying to renegotiate her last few bites.  although the timer was finally set and the threat was made that whatever wasn't finished would be served for breakfast - we finally made it through!!!  i'm hoping this doesn't become a new "thing" in our house.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 108 - cupcakes and orchestra

like any good mom i made a couple dozen cupcakes for the orchestra concert this evening.  caleb asked for my oreo cupcakes.  i love when they get so excited about something as simple and easy as a homemade cupcake.
here is the finished product - they were pretty delish if i don't say so myself!!  if you'd like to give them a try check out the recipe at annie's eats.  of course i made revisions to the original recipe - because lord knows i can't just follow a recipe :)
caleb is in 6th grade orchestra.  he plays the violin.  i can't say that middle school orchestra is the most exciting concert to attend - but i am proud of his enthusiasm and drive to continue with this instrument. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

day 107 - clean cut

caleb got his hair chopped off tonight.  he has been asking to get his mop cut for a few days now.  it never ceases to amaze me how much hair this kid has on top of his head.  without fail, whoever cuts his hair ALWAYS comments. 
he looks great!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

day 106 - finished

I fished the hunger games series today. Although today didn't turn out how I'd planned I enjoyed my evening cuddled under a blanket reading the final book in the series while listening to the thunder storm outside.

Friday, April 13, 2012

day 104 - date night

guess which one we went to see..... 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

day 103 - stinky feet

if you have ever had the pleasure of living with me, slept over at my house as a kid, or hung out with me for longer than a couple of days then you already know this fun misty diller fact; i have stinky feet.  yes, i wash my feet.  i get regular pedicures.  i wash my shoes.  tried powders/febreeze.  nothing works, so over the last 36 years i have pretty well embraced my stinky feet and those that love me the most - love me feet and all!
a couple of months ago i bought these adorable toms (yes, lilly and i even have matching ones - we are sooooo cute). but my dear lord - i have never owned a shoe that make my feet stink worse!!!  what the heck do they do to these simple shoes??? i was thinking someone MUST have a stinky shoe solution to pass along - i love these shoes too much to get rid of them......