Monday, March 03, 2008

it's official....

... luke can tie his own shoes. this is a HUGE milestone in our lives not just for luke but for dave and i (or anyone else who has ever needed to put shoes on lukie). God bless my middle child however, i have to tell you there have been many days when i thought i was going to "lose it" over his needy whine when it came to tying his shoes and even worse his whine about how he didn't want to learn. i am so proud of our luke and was thrilled to see the excitement he had on his face when he realized he had "got it"! WAY TO GO LUKE!!!!


Charity said...

Good job Luke!

Next time I need my shoe tied, you are the first one I am going to ask:)

Miss you guys,

condapfour said...

Hooray for Luke! I am so excited for the day that occurs in my house!