Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Family Vacations

Considering my last entery included snow - it has been a while since i last updated.... however, i figured there wasn't a better time to update than now. we just got back from our 2nd annual family vacation to florida. i have tons of pictures (i will post more later) however, i thought this one would be an appropriate one considering it is the only one we have as an enitre family!


Eli Harlan said...

I am trying to get ahold of's Eli, from Spellbinders...we were near you at CHA-W. We are trying to just touch base with all our Preferred Partners to say hello see if they need anything and such. I just read your profile and saw your, that looks outstanding. Is your husband the pastor?
I would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at

Your family is beautiful!!

Thanks, blessings, Eli

rachel carlson said...

misty! there you are cutie! so happy to see the update, your well and look at you and your lovely family! i'll be missing cha summer - pout! take care of you! hugs, rachel