Wednesday, July 23, 2008

vacation at club diller (aka: mimi & papa's)

every summer, since we moved to michigan, we have taken a week to go to "club diller". dave's brothers family; doug, nettie, claire, abby and sylvia join us from portland, oregon and we all hang out together and our mimi and papas. below is a little synopsis of our wonderful family vacation together.

1) hanging out at the pool
2) all the girls went to the salon for mani's & pedi's
3) ate at tre kroner (my fav. breakfast spot) with jeffy
4) stayed up late with our cousins
5) saw indian jones at the $3 theater
6) hung out with a bunch of old friends
7) went to the city (millenium park, ruths chris, and blue man group)
8) visited new community church
9) i got my hair all chopped off (thanks becky!)
10) celebrated great grandma tena - just because!
11) luke learned how to play chess
12) lots of fort building
13) all the boys went golfing
14) annual diller pool party (lots of aunts, uncles & cousins)
15) lots & lots more....

i'm sure i have forgotten a ton of things. needless to say, we had a blast. it is so wonderful to have such an amazing family to hang out with and enjoy the summer with. i love you all! thanks bob and shar! little reminder, 18 weeks from today till we get to party again together on the disney cruise!!!

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