Wednesday, September 06, 2006

first day of school 2006

welcome to the diller family "first day of school" photo. it seems like just yesterday it was me and my three brothers standing for my mom on our front steps for our first day of school. where oh where does the time go.

caleb is all excited about getting to go to school for a full day and eating lunch at school - he is heading into first grade. lukie will be starting kindergarten - he is anxiously eager. lilly jane will be my only one home. crazy.

Dear Jesus, watch over my babies. remind them you are with them and will always protect and keep them. may they see you and feel your love. in Jesus name - amen


Lisa A. Whitten said...

Glad you started in the blogging revolution!

The kids look SO old in that picture, you are right...where does time go? Hope the first day of school went great.

Cindy Tobey said...

How cute are they?! You are such a good mom! Got the first day of school photos up on your blog. I haven't even looked at the photos I took of Moya yet! =)

Tina said...

I am so happy to see you in the blogging world~! Now I can stalk you here too! LOL

They look adorable!

tifsmith said...

your kids are so cute!
this must be the year for trace kindergarteners.
you, me lisa, and tina have one.
anybody else?

Maria said...

How cute. Tell Dave Lukie's hair looks great.

jenlee said...

You are so right. Where does the time go. In 2 yrs. your kids will all be in school all day. Hard to believe. But here's the good news.You've got 14yrs before Lilly begins college and you and Dave will have celebrated your 21st anniversary. I guess you could say, you are one third of the way there already. How's that for perspective?