Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Saturday Morning Soccer

yes, the signs of the season are upon us. all throughout my life there are little reminders that fall is here, like the uniforms and socks in my laundry room, the dirty cleats by the back door, the goals in the back-yard and the balls rolling around in the van. YES, soccer season has officially started, and i am yet again transformed into the epitome of the woman i swore i never would be, i am Soccer Mom.
over the course of the summer we have played numerous games of soccer in the backyard and the boys have worked on their dribbling skills and talked so much about what their teams would be like this year. they were so excited! caleb has been playing for a while, but he was so excited to have a "real" jersey this year, not a t-shirt. for lukie, this was his first year playing on a team and to top it off his dad was the coach. we all thought lukie would do/be great. he has a fun playful spirit and has loved playing soccer with his dad and brother for years. so it came as a huge SHOCK when all of the excitement came crashing to a complete halt on the field. lukie wouldn't go on the field, he wouldn't sit with his team and suddenly digressed into a baby with a bunch of whining and crying about how he wouldn't go on the field. it took us all by such surprise, literally moments earlier in the van he was talking about how excited he was. this last saturday morning was his 2nd game and this picture is of him sitting all by himself - not playing. notice his team-mates in the background. i wonder what is going on his mind and what it is about his personality that won't let him go out on the field and play. i know he loves to play and practice with his team - what is it? well, whatever it is - i love the kid!


Cindy Tobey said...

Oh, poor little guy. I'm sure that is tough for you to watch him react like that. I'm sure he will get over it in time.

jenlee said...

Hi Misty,
It's Sat. eve and we talked earlier about Lukie not playing yet and it's his 3rd game. Maybe if you tell him I want a picture of him playing in one of his games.........?
Even though the pict. is somewhat sad, he still looks adorable.