Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ginger & german

sorry i haven't posted in a while - our schedule feels as though it hasn't let up this month. with all the busy comes a lot of pictures :) i have compiled a couple of collages from two of our family adventures earlier in the month. i have lots more to share - so tune back soon!

we spent one saturday with the brennan family making ginger bread houses. we all had a blast! jeanne and jenn made special cookies for each of the kids to decorate - they loved it. thank you, thank you!
we also went to frankenmuth for a couple of days with the bean family. if you have ever been to frankenmuth than you know you are entering "germanville" . aside from adeline being sick, everyone had a great time. the kids loved going swimming and playing miniature golf. we also enjoyed going to bronners for the first time (largest christmas store in the world) it was a bit overwhelming to see that much christmas under one roof :)

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Maria the Great said...

looks like great times with great friends!