Thursday, December 20, 2007

the tree that almost wasn't

this year we are going to be in portland for christmas, celebrating with family. with that said, there was a brief moment when i asked the question, "should we put up a tree and all the decorations this year?" i'm so glad we made the choice to go all out and decorate the house both inside and out. the kids are really at the age where they can get fully involved and love every minute. the kids hung most of the ornaments and we laughed and reminisced about so many of our beautiful ornaments that we have collected over the last 8 years.
this year has seemed so different than previous years. i really can't believe how much the kids have "grown up". we have always talked about christmas being about Jesus, however this year the kids (especially luke) have been so vocal about where our priorities should be at christmas time. on virtually every craft he has made this holiday season both at home and school he has included a cross. when i asked him to explain one of his many art pieces (this one being a large red construction paper ornament) he told me, "christmas is not just about a christmas tree and ornaments or getting a bunch of presents, so i colored a bunch of crosses on my oranment to remind us that christmas is about celebrating jesus!" i could have cried - which doesn't seem to be hard for me to do these days :) as a parent you pray that your child will be safe and protected, feel loved and secured and most of all have a relationship with their heavenly father. however, nothing prepares you for when that time comes and you begin to see your children embrace the holiness of God. (i am officially crying, again) i am overwhelmed at how God can use anybody, including my kids, to spread His message of love.

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melissa said...

what a great story, and a great tree! happy new year.