Sunday, September 07, 2008

tuesday - september 2, 2008

i adore my kids. after having each one of them i found a new capacity for love that i had no idea existed. it amazes me how much each of them are a bit like me, a bit like dave, and a bit all themselves. they are each amazing and a gift....

just about five years ago when i still had three in diapers i began to calculate how long it was going to be until all of them were in school and i would re-claim my sanity. well, today was that day. it was the first day of school - for all three kids!!! as dave and i drove away from dropping them all off it was incredibly bitter-sweet. i'm no longer looking to re-claim anything (especially my sanity) as i have come to realize how fast it all goes by and the fact that we are all a little bit crazy....
caleb began 3rd grade. he is getting HUGE! i can actually wear his flip flops!! as we sat around the breakfast table before leaving i asked how he was feeling. he told me, "my stomach doesn't know how to feel - there are just too many emotions - i'm excited, scared and happy, it just doesn't know how to feel."
luke is in 1st grade. he is excited about learning how to read and hanging out with his friends. although he would tell you that school was boring there is no doubt in any of our minds that he is loving it!
lilly jane started kindergarten. she could not stop bouncing and smiling. she loves her teacher and was quick to tell me all about her new friend, although she couldn't remember her name :) for as excited as she was once she realized her dad and i were leaving she got noticeably upset. we both gave her a few more hugs and then i told her i needed to go and that i would be back in a bit. as i walked to the door she called out to me and said, "mom....i love you, i love you, i love you...good-bye, good-bye, good-bye." and then blew me a kiss. at that moment i knew she was going to do great!

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sarah said...

omg - kills me misty, i can't believe they are all in school now. you must be so proud and yet a little nostalgic at the same time. come visit us in indy if you want a glimpse back at that diaper phase :)