Thursday, October 02, 2008

little hassles..

i know i am no different than anyone else. we all deal with little hassles now and then.....right? but i am ready to scream at my dishwasher; as i sit in my office (which is in the basement) and listen to the water-droplets landing into the bucket i have placed to collect the water dripping from the ceiling from my dishwasher upstairs. we have had a serviceman come out and look at it and he couldn't find anything wrong with it.......AHHHH! for some reason the dishwasher doesn't leak every time we use it - just about every 10th time. seriously.

so, i know i haven't done very well on keeping up with the happening in our life as of late. and frankly, it's just been because we've been so busy. i'm hoping to update you all with some pics from some of our fun adventures this past month.

enjoy your day - i'm off to clean up this mess!!

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Russ said...

Welcome back to blog land! Welcome back to the state! I missed you this a.m. at B.B.
Water leaking through the ceiling is a little hassle with the potential for more - if you don't know what is causing it. We have one of those little hassles (yes, water dripping through the bathroom floor to the basement) however it is only caused by people using the tub and the water getting too high. Doesn't happen much!