Wednesday, September 05, 2007

september 4th

my first post on my blog, last year, was of the first day of school - with a similar picture of the kids on the front steps of our house. how fast a year goes by... caleb (7) is going into 2nd grade, luke (5) is repeating kindergarten, and lilly (4) is starting preschool. what a day!

caleb was definately the most excited of the kids about starting school. he woke up around 7am and told me that he couldn't sleep (he thought it was still the middle of the night) because he was so excited. when i told him it was time to get up and get ready - he jumped up and down and woke up the rest of the house. he had so much fun seeing all his friends! he is such a sweetheart!

luke wasn't as excited as caleb about starting school, however he still had a great day. luke was a very young kindergartner last year (his birthday is the end of october) and so we chose to have him do two years. he has a new teacher, which is why he was a bit timid, but he fell right into the groove and came home telling me all about his "awesome" day.

our little lilly started preschool on the same day the boys started school. she is only going twice a week in the afternoon, but it seems so weird. lilly had the hardest time of all the kids - she just couldn't understand why we couldn't stay with her "for a long time". it broke my heart to leave her crying. i stood outside the door and watched as her sweet teacher re-directed her to the baby dolls, it only took a minute for her tears to turn to giggles as she started playing. she too, came home with nothing but praises about her time at school.

the 4th was also our anniversary! 8 years! dave came home from the gym at 7:30 am with a beautiful bouquet of red roses for me. yeah, he works out at the crack of dawn! we spent the day toting kids back and forth to school and home and reminicing about the last eight years. after we dropped lilly off at preschool we stood in the hallway of her school for a moment reflecting on the fact that in eight years, this is where we are - amazing! God is so good and faithful. i love where we are at life and i love that i get to share it all with my very best friend. we often call each other our team mates (maybe a little corny, but i don't care) but mostly he is my best friend. after the kids went to bed we sat in our dining room and tried to take a picture of ourselves, we laughed so hard. what you see above was the "best" of the bunch - aren't we cute!


Rachel said... cute! I miss you guys!

melissa said...

yes, you ARE cute, and your children are gorgeous. love the pictures as well as your sentiments. i can attest to the fact that you and dave are great teammates. i'll never forget the first time i met you both last fall - when i asked folks for help setting up tables, dave jumped up and said, "misty, come on, we have to help set up tables!" and you both high-fived. it was so encouraging to me! blessings on this coming school year. i hope it's one that brings lessons for every member of your family.

maria said...

hey, happy anniversary!! i can totally picture you too laughing as you try to take self portraits!

Charity said...

Your family is very special. I love being able to share in lifes milestones and create new memories together.

We love you,
The Beans

annie said...

Hope the kids are doing well in school.. Love the new pictures of the family. Miss you all

Jose H said...

Hey Dave & Misty,

The blogosphere makes the world so small. Glad you located us, and even more glad you're both coming to the city. Look fwd to seeing you both.

ann-marie said...

marrying your best friend is the way to go.

love the pics.