Friday, September 28, 2007

nothing like greys

surgery in real life is nothing like greys anatomy. as i lay in my bed today recovering i watched the season premier of greys and it dawned on me that my o.r. was nothing like the ones where the girl was having her arm re-attached and baby delivered or the guys who swallowed all the money. now, my surgery was nothing that complicated or intense but have you ever noticed how dark the o.r. is on grey's? hmmmm. just a random thought :) with all my free time i have a bunch of photos to post. so, stay tuned........


ann-marie said...

i just wanted to post to say hi--not sure if you remember me from np or not. we were in 'easter' together with chris, matt, and andy. also, i'm the one who commented on sarah's post about mike's need of taking statics.

your children are gorgeous (not that i'm surprised)! fun to have a new blog to read.

Charity said...

How much longer are we staying tuned?????????

I can't wait much longer:-)