Sunday, September 02, 2007


this weekend our family was given the gift of time. time to spend together, resting, refueling. as life would have it, we were scheduled to the hilt and completely overwhelmed emotionally and physically and yet our very big God provided a way for us to slow down and bow out of virtually everything. the lawn did not get mowed, my foyer is still not painted, lilly's closet & bedroom are a disaster, i still haven't gotten all the kids school supplies, my heart is still mush and yet somehow it is ok. it is ok, because we went to the beach and played, i made homemade cinnamon rolls, lilly drew a picture of me and it included a head with two eyes, arms and legs, we visited a new church where we had no responsibilities, we helped a friend move and got ice cream afterwards to celebrate and we did it all as a family.

thank you Lord for the blessing of time and the time we have had this summer sharing it with our family and friends. thank you for this weekend. thank you that i laughed more than i cried. thank you for loving me so much.

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maria said...

love the beach pictures. life is always better when time is spent at the beach