Sunday, October 28, 2007

"the girls"

in college i had the awesome pleasure of meeting several people. some were just faces in a scopebook, others were acquaintances, many were friends, but few were in our circle of "the girls." yes, we were a click (is that how you spell it?) however if you have attended a small christian school you know there is no getting around it :) over the last 13+ years we have known each other we have celebrated 8 weddings & 11 births (plus 3 more on the way), we have laughed and cried together and spent too many hours gossiping about only God knows what. (pause for repentance).

heidi, chrissy, dragana, brooke, shelly, kellie,
me & sarah (we missed you nenette)

on saturday we all got together to celebrate brooke getting married and sarah having her first baby. shelly threw a beautiful shower for the girls with lots of yummy food :) thanks! it was a lot of fun watching the girls take turns opening up lingerie and then baby things. i meant to get a picture of the two stacks of gifts, one being a stack of pink victoria secret boxes and the other a stack of baby bibs, do-dads, and outfits. it was pretty funny. we couldn't help but comment on how one leads to the other :)

sarah & brooke

thanks girls for all the fun over the years. i love you all and can't wait till we get together again - do we know where we are going to gather?! (just kidding chrissy)


Brooke said...

Misty, I am so glad that you were able to come. The whole day was so much fun. It was so wonderful to just sit and talk and laugh. I can't wait until we get to do it again. I love you.

THE GTEAM said...'s like that pic was taken ten years ago only it was in anderson hall.

It's cool that you are all still connected. Dragana. I loved that girl.

tony g

Shelly said...

that picture turned out great!
thanks for making the trip and i hope you got home safely!