Saturday, August 09, 2008

blueberry pick'n

today we got to go blueberry picking. YUMMY! friends of ours have a blueberry patch in their backyard that they open up to friends and family. this year was our first year taking advantage of the opportunity. we picked for a little over an hour and filled up an entire bushel basket. it was so much fun watching the kids eat more than they picked. lilly ended up being the only one who actually contributed to the stash we brought home. it was a beautiful day. for dinner i made blueberry waffles - they were delicious! i can't wait to go back and pick more - i want to make sure we have plenty to freeze :)

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Dave Cook said...

We picked for an hour last summer at a patch right after it rained. We got done as they were closing. Upon reaching for my wallet...I realized it wasn't the people behind us took all our berries and paid for them and kept them. The kids were like "that was a waste of time"