Wednesday, August 27, 2008

camera is M.I.A.

ok, so it's not actually missing....just not in my possession. i left it in my mom's car over the weekend and haven't gotten it back yet. AHHH! i can't believe how naked i feel without it. at least i have a REALLY good excuse for not blogging recently. i mean, it's too hard to blog without a photo, right? well, hopefully i will get it back soon and i will get to upload a bunch of fun pics from our trip to mimi and papas last week.


Meagan said...

I was excited to find you blog. You post a lot. I am not near as motivated, but I try!!!
Good to see your family and how fast they have grown!

j said...

Misty -
I love YOUR blog! If the picture of the EVOLT 500 is the camera you really have - then we have the same camera! I agree, it is hard to blog without photos. I started blogging by mostly just writing but the pictures have spoiled me!
Jen Klairter

Maria the Great said... camera has been water logged for almost a month, and i've been grabbing laurey's every chance i can, today i bought one at costco to 'try', i can have it for 90 days and still return it! Good loaner program, i think. i understand the feeling of nakedness!