Tuesday, August 12, 2008

47 in a 30

this morning as i was heading back to the hospital to have a ct-scan done on my kidneys to see if there are any more little stones finding a home in there, i found out that laketon (the street the hospital is on) is 30mph. i was driving 47 as the police officer so kindly pointed out. as the police officer came to my car with my ticket in hand this is what happend....
    officer: here is your ticket - i cannot be leniant when you are exceeding the speed limit that much.
    me: i'm sorry - it's been a long time since i've gotten a ticket
    officer: yeah, your record is clean
    me: i'm just glad my kids aren't in the car
    officer: (with a chuckle) nothing like trying to explain why mommy is getting pulled over
    me: (with a gigle) yeah!
    officer: you have 10 days to dispute this ticket - just call this number
    me: dispute it?....(giggle)....i know i was speeding
    officer: so, where were you headed in such a hurry
    me: to the hospital for a ct-scan, i was here last week with kidney stones.
    officer: i hear those are awful
    me: yeah, the worst pain ever. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. (with a giggle) i wouldn't even wish it on you...
    officer: (full blown laugh)....i hope everything is ok - have a nice day!
    me: you too!
now this is where it gets funny.... so, i roll up my window and put my car in gear to go when i look in my rear view window and see the police officer waving me down.... so, i rolled down my window and he approached the car and said...
    officer: let me see that ticket
    me: ok (handing him the ticket he had just given me)
    officer: i am going to just give you a warning (tearing up my ticket)
    me: seriously? (in shock)
    officer: yeah, it's just really nice to have someone take responsibility for what they did and be so nice.
    me: thank you....(pause)...thank you!
    officer: have a nice day maam and slow down


Charity said...

Looks like God might be rewarding you for your recent generosity to others.

You've been posting a lot I see. Good job!!

How did the tests go?


Melissa said...

Wow. Maybe your post should be titled "A Case of the Giggles"! Well done! ;)

Maria the Great said...

honestly! it was all the giggling i'm sure! lucky girl. :) muskegon cops are amazing. last year i got a ticket and the cop told me i wasn't the 'type' of person they were targeting, so he had me go to the court date and told me he wouldn't show up, so it would be dismissed! :) you didn't even have to go to court, nice job...giggle, giggle.

Dave Cook said...

At least you didn't have to cry to get out of it