Monday, August 04, 2008

losing it...

i went into the bathroom, 15 min. before a family (whom i had never met before) was coming over for dinner, and saw an all to familiar sight. pee! all over the toilet. needless to say i was frustrated. so i called the boys and told them they needed to clean the bathroom. i gave them the necessary tools to complete the task and sent them off to clean and i went back to the kitchen. a few minutes later i realized the boys were in the basement bathroom (i wanted them to clean the bathroom off the family room). here is how the conversation went:
    me: what are you doing? (shouting, like every good mom, from the top of the stairs)
    boys: cleaning the bathroom - and we're all done (very proud of their work)
    me: where are the paper towels you were using (i'm not sure why i asked this - i guess i just knew what the answer was going to be)
    luke: i flushed them all down the toilet (showing me an empty roll)
    me: WHAT!!!! (running down the stairs to see that the toilet was about to overflow. AHHHH! (i totally lost my cool and swore)
    boys: i'm sorry mommy!!
    me: GET ME THE PLUNGER!!!!
    boys: i'm so sorry mommy.
    me: go up stairs and clean THAT bathroom.

after cleaning up the mess in the downstairs bathroom i took a deep breath and went and apologized to the boys. i hate it when i lose it on them. they did end up cleaning the right bathroom and they did an excellent job!

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jesterfam6 said...

I completely understand those days!! Ha ha, I am sorry though, it made me laugh, it was so cute!!